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Women's Swimming & Diving

Swimmers and divers pushed to new heights on rope course

Swimmers and divers pushed to new heights on rope course

WASHINGTON – The Gallaudet University men's and women's swimming team took part in no ordinary practice this past Saturday, Sept. 14, as it met head coach Larry Curran at the base of the Gallaudet Ropes Course for an exciting afternoon of climbing, balancing, swinging,  jumping and even some falling.

The student-athletes began the ropes challenge with ground-level activities that required teamwork, communication and interaction with one another to complete obstacles. As the day progressed, the obstacles got higher and higher and more difficult. The activities included balancing on and walking across ropes and climbing a 30-foot telephone pole, standing on a small shaky platform and then taking a leap of faith to a suspended trapeze several feet out.

"Everyone made dramatic strides in personal discovery and in redefining the limits of what they thought they could do," said Curran.

The team arrived to this unusual practice as individuals and quickly discovered that teamwork and mutual support would be critical to their success. Some challenges were taxing to individuals' physical strength and emotional resolve but with the support and encouragement of teammates, obstacles were surmounted.

"They showed how tough and resilient they are and they demonstrated again that with perseverance and teamwork, they can do great things," added Curran.

The Gallaudet swimmers and divers experienced success out of the pool and out of their element, the possibilities of what they can accomplish in the water are endless. Gallaudet’s first swim meet is Oct. 19 on the road against Frostburg State University at 1 p.m.