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Gallaudet Athletics launches new Faculty-Athlete Mentorship Program

GU faculty member Stacy Nowak hands out awards to Gallaudet student-athletes. Athletic Director Victor Mansure shakes hands in the background. Two student-athletes walk across stage. Great job!

WASHINGTON – The Gallaudet University Athletics Department is excited to announce its new Faculty-Athlete Mentorship Program.

This program is aimed to better facilitate the integration of athletics and academics, promote student-athlete success, engage faculty and student-athletes and advance the NCAA Division III philosophy.

"The program is intended to connect our faculty with our student-athletes and coaching staff. To that end, some mentors will join practice by swimming, running, or hooping with their team.  Some others will provide talks, workshops, and advice on academic success and whole student development. And some coaches will attend a class to watch the faculty mentor teach," said Gallaudet Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) Dr. Brendan Stern. "While the exact role of each faculty mentor will vary, the mentor is there to strengthen partnerships on campus, and, ultimately, to advance the values and mission of Gallaudet University and the NCAA. I would like to thank our inaugural group of faculty mentors and head coaches for making time in their busy schedules, and Athletic Director Victor Mansure and Associate Athletic Director Katie Giles-Bean for their support. Without all of their generosity, the program would not have been possible."

Faculty mentors are full-time faculty members who believe athletic participation is meaningful and valuable. 

"We are very enthusiastic about starting our Faculty-Athlete Mentorship Program this semester. It will provide an additional support system to our student-athletes looking to benefit their academic, athletic and personal success. I also want to thank our faculty members who will be volunteering their time and efforts to help our student-athletes," said Gallaudet Athletic Director Victor Mansure.

The benefits of this program involve providing student-athletes with positive models, providing faculty members an inside look at the student-athlete experience, and building bridges between the faculty body, the student body, and the athletic department.

"I'm very excited to provide faculty members an outlet to show their support in a meaningful way I'm equally excited that teams will be able to invite faculty members to become intimately involved and truly live the experience of a Gallaudet athlete by traveling to games and joining in team meals, The unforeseen benefits to our student-athletes and faculty members in the first year will become a wonderful foundation to build and grow this program upon," said Gallaudet Associate AD for Student Success Katie Giles Bean.

Learning and integrating with caring faculty role models is a cornerstone of the Faculty-Athlete Mentorship Program.

If you have questions about the program please contact Dr. Stern at There are openings with women's basketball and cheerleading for the 2019-20 season.

2019-20 Gallaudet Faculty Mentors

Men's Sports   Mentor   Department     Email
Baseball   Dr. Martreece Watson   English

Basketball   Dr. Brendan Stern   Government and Public Affairs

Cross Country   Dr. Curtis Clemens   Physical Education and Recreation

Football   Todd Bonheyo   Science, Technology, Mathematics

Swimming & Diving   Dr. Carrie Solomon   Science, Technology, Mathematics

Track & Field   Dr. Martreece Watson   English

Women's Sports   Mentor   Department     Email
Basketball   Felicia Williams   ASL and Deaf Studies

Cross Country   Dr. Curtis Clemens   Physical Education and Recreation

Soccer   Stacy Nowak   Art, Communication, and Theater

Softball   Sarah Doleac   Physical Education and Recreation

Swimming & Diving   Dr. Carrie Solomon   Science, Technology, Mathematics

Track & Field   Dr. Martreece Watson   English

Volleyball   Stacy Nowak   Art, Communication, and Theater