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Athletic Training Room

Totally remodeled in the summer of 2011, the athletic training rooms were redesigned with Gallaudet’s needs in mind. From doubling the lighting to installing glass walls for increased visibility, the training room sports a clean, deaf-friendly environment as anti-microbial flooring and a four-person salt-water hydrotherapy tub significantly decrease chances of infection. Moreover, a private screening room and a 60-inch HDTV make it a comfortable setting for athletes to get treatment. The facility allows the certified training staff to provide excellent care with four treatment tables, three taping stations, three high-low tables, two ultrasound-electric stimulation combination machines and a stainless steel hot tub. Even the ice machines are designed with the athlete’s needs in mind. Both cubed and “flake” or crushed ice are produced in two separate machines; cubed ice is best for keeping water cool for practices, while flake ice molds easily to the body to maximize its effectiveness.

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