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Gallaudet University Athletics Department - Mission and Vision Statement


As the only place in the world of its kind, Gallaudet University brings together diverse deaf and hard of hearing student-athletes from around the globe to learn academically in a bilingual environment, to compete in a supportive environment, and to foster a sense of community. 


The Gallaudet University Athletics Department is committed to promoting academic and athletic success of our student-athletes. As an integral part of the student athletes’ overall educational experience, the athletic department encourages personal development and an opportunity to compete in sports at the highest level possible. The Athletics Department embraces an image and identity that fosters a sense of pride in the competitiveness, ethics and integrity of Gallaudet University Athletics.

As members of the Gallaudet Community, the Athletics Department strives to create an environment that is respectful and celebrates equity, diversity, and inclusion. Gallaudet Athletics prohibits discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. 


Through intercollegiate athletic competition and intramural sports, Gallaudet Athletics commits to the following Core Values:

  • Provide equal opportunities for female and male student-athletes of good character and acceptable academic standing, to compete in organized intercollegiate athletics at the highest level while pursuing a baccalaureate degree;
  • Maximize the achievements of our student-athletes by supporting their pursuit of excellence as they grow and learn, and by implementing tools that will allow them to develop and become contributing citizens after graduation;
  • Celebrate our rich history of Athletics within the Gallaudet University  Community as a means to engage students, faculty, staff, alumni and the deaf and hard of hearing community, and to provide a source of institutional pride through athletic competitiveness and academic integrity;
  • Ensure, in all areas of intercollegiate athletics, that Gallaudet University  demands and functions with integrity, high moral and ethical standards, and strict adherence to the spirit and letter of all Gallaudet University, North Eastern Athletic Conference, Eastern Collegiate Football Conference and NCAA rules, including all civil laws. 
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