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Gallaudet Volleyball Players Visit Indiana School for the Deaf To Stress the Importance of Reading

On the Way to the DePauw Invitational September 18, the Gallaudet volleyball team stopped by the Indiana School for the Deaf to read books to students from the Indiana School for the Deaf in Indianapolis.

Indiana School for the Deaf is the alma mater for 3 volleyball players; Nukeitra Hayes, Amanda Krieger, and Justine Jeter, and assistant coach Pia Marie Paulone.

Head Coach Lynn Ray Boren believes in the importance of contributing back to society and stresses this with his players. "I want to develop multitalented athletes who not only excel on the court, but also in other aspects of their lives. This experience shows the players they are role models and they need to hold themselves to a higher standard."

The team split up into six groups and read six different books to the students.  There were over 115 students in attendance.

Members of the team were recentlly honored by the American Volleyball Association Coaches for achieving a cumulative team GPA of above 3.3.