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Gallaudet University Athletics celebrates National Student-Athlete Day with announcement of Fall Dean's List recipients

Gallaudet University Athletics celebrates National Student-Athlete Day with announcement of Fall Dean's List recipients

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Gallaudet University athletics department celebrated National Student-Athlete Day on Wednesday, April 6, by paying tribute to its excellent student-athletes that have excelled in the classroom this past fall semester. The GU athletics department is proud to announce that 63 student-athletes finished the fall semester with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 or higher and were recognized on the Dean’s List. Eleven of the 63 finished with a perfect 4.0 GPA for that semester.

All 12 varsity athletic programs along with the cheerleading club were represented among the 63 student-athletes with at least two student-athletes for each program. The football team led the way with 14 honorees while the women’s swimming team had nine, tops among the women’s programs. Of the 63 student-athletes on the Dean’s list 55 percent are women and 43 percent are sophomores.

National Student-Athlete Day, a program of the National Consortium for Academics and Sports (NCAS), has been celebrated annually April 6 since 1987. National Student-Athlete Day celebrates the outstanding achievements of high school and college student-athletes who have excelled in academics and athletics while having made significant contributions to their schools and communities. It is also a time to recognize those parents, teachers, coaches and school systems which make it possible for young people to find the balance between academics and athletics.

To learn more about National Student-Athlete Day please log onto their Web site

Fall Semester Dean’s List (3.25 GPA or higher)
Name – Academic Year – Sports Played

Johanna Arrigo – So. – Women’s Soccer/Softball
Alicia Balzer – Sr. – Softball
Corey Balzer – So. – Football
Shelby Bean – So. – Football/Men’s Track and Field
Lauren Benedict – So. – Volleyball
Kevin Berrigan – Jr. – Football
Ryan Bonheyo – So. – Football
Tiffany Bridgett – Fr. – Women’s Track and Field
Lakeishia Brown – Fr. – Women’s Basketball
Ryan Brubaker – Fr. – Football/Men’s Track and Field
Justin Carrus – So. – Men’s Soccer
Kayla Castro – Sr. – Women’s Swimming
Cody Contreras – Fr. – Football
Tyler Crace – Fr. – Baseball/Men’s Basketball
Katie Day – Sr. – Women’s Swimming
Janna DiBiase – So. – Women’s Soccer
Stephanie Durand – Sr. – Cheerleading
Nicholas Elstad – So. – Football
Nathan Engel – Jr. – Football
Lorne Farovitch – So. – Women’s Track and Field
Valerie Farr – Fr. – Women’s Swimming
Grady Gallagher – Sr. – Men’s Swimming
Chanel Gleicher – So. – Cheerleading
Clayton Grossinger – So. – Football
Caleb Hinton – Jr. – Football
Amanda Holmes – Jr. – Women’s Swimming
Lauren Hostovsky – Fr. – Women’s Soccer
Steven Jeczala – Jr. – Men’s Swimming
Krystal Johnson – So. – Softball/Volleyball
Paige Johnson – Jr. – Softball/Volleyball
Rosemary Johnson – Jr. – Cheerleading
Brittany Jones – So. – Women’s Track and Field
Katelyn Jurney – Jr. – Women’s Basketball
Leslye Kang – Fr. – Women’s Basketball
Maria Klassen – So. – Volleyball
Samantha Krieger – Sr. – Cheerleading
Kyle Kuschmider – Sr. – Baseball
Peter Leccese – Jr. – Football
Rebecca Lovitch – So. – Softball
Amanda Lyndaker – Jr. – Women’s Swimming
Denton Mallas – So. – Football
Yana Novikova – Jr. – Women’s Track and Field
Nicole O’Malley – So. – Softball
Gabriel Paulone – So. – Football
Taryn Philippi – So. – Women’s Soccer/Women’s Track and Field
Carlisle Robinson – Sr. – Women’s Swimming
Nico Ruiz – Fr. – Men’s Basketball
James Rummo – So. – Men’s Soccer
Layton Seeber – Jr. – Baseball/Men’s Basketball
Bobby Siebert – Sr. – Men’s Basketball
Ariela Stein – Jr. – Cheerleading
Rachel Steingieser – Sr. – Women’s Swimming
Emily Stemper – So. – Women’s Swimming
Karin Stoyko – Sr. – Women’s Swimming
Adham Talaat – So. – Football
Jeremy Wagoner – So. – Men’s Soccer
Edward Watson – Fr. – Baseball
Stephanie Weiss – So. – Women’s Basketball/Women’s Track and Field
Ann Whited – So. – Volleyball
Cheyenna Wilding – So. – Volleyball
Brandon Winebarger – Sr. – Men’s Soccer/Men’s Swimming
Richard Zabelski – Sr. – Men’s Swimming
Travis Zornoza – So. – Men’s Soccer

Total: 63

Breakdown by gender
Women: 35
Men: 28

Breakdown by class
Freshman: 10
Sophomores: 27
Juniors: 13
Seniors: 13

Breakdown by sport
Baseball (4):
Tyler Crace, Kyle Kuschmider, Layton Seeber, Edward Watson
Cheerleading Club (5):
Stephanie Durand, Chanel Gleicher, Rosemary Johnson, Samantha Krieger, Ariela Stein
Men’s Basketball (4):
Tyler Crace, Nico Ruiz, Layton Seeber, Bobby Siebert
Women’s Basketball (4): Lakeishia Brown, Katelyn Jurney, Leslye Kang, Stephanie Weiss
Football (14): Corey Balzer, Shelby Bean, Kevin Berrigan, Ryan Bonheyo, Ryan Brubaker, Cody Contreras, Nicholas Elstad, Nathan Engel, Clayton Grossinger, Caleb Hinton, Peter Leccese, Denton Mallas, Gabriel Paulone, Adham Talaat
Men’s Soccer (5): Justin Carrus, James Rummo, Jeremy Wagoner, Brandon Winebarger, Travis Zornoza
Women’s Soccer (4): Johanna Arrigo, Janna DiBiase, Lauren Hostovsky, Taryn Philippi
Softball (6): Johanna Arrigo, Alicia Balzer, Krystal Johnson, Paige Johnson, Rebecca Lovitch, Nicole O’Malley
Men’s Swimming (4): Grady Gallagher, Steven Jeczala, Brandon Winebarger, Richard Zabelski
Women’s Swimming (9): Kayla Castro, Katie Day, Valerie Farr, Amanda Holmes, Amanda Lyndaker, Carlisle Robinson, Rachel Steingieser, Emily Stemper, Karin Stoyko
Men’s Track and Field (2): Shelby Bean, Ryan Brubaker
Women’s Track and Field (6): Tiffany Bridgett, Lorne Farovitch, Brittany Jones, Yana Novikova, Taryn Philippi, Stephanie Weiss
Volleyball (6): Lauren Benedict, Krystal Johnson, Paige Johnson, Maria Klassen, Ann Whited, Cheyenna Wilding

*Academic Level and sport(s) played are valid through the 2010 fall semester.